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  • Dog Training
    Trainer Louise Glazebrook can help you train your puppy or dog
  • Understand your dog
    Dogs communicate in a totally different way to humans and unfortunately often get misinterpreted

Dog trainer and behaviourist in London

Urban trainer Louise Glazebrook for puppy classes, dog training, workshops and one on one appointments

Dog trainer Louise Glazbrook

Dog trainer

The Darling Dog Company isn’t just a job - it’s part of me. I love what dogs give us, the extent to which they love us, and hope to create as many contented dog-owner relationships as I possibly can.

Dog training courses Hackney East London

Training and Behaviour services

Offering classes for Londons dog owners; puppy classes, dog training, one on one behaviour sessions, workshops and seminars across Hackney

Puppy classes

I offer a number of services that may be of interest if you are thinking about or have already taken on a puppy