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My obsession with dogs began at 2yrs old. If you were to slice me in half you would see that I have dogs running (literally) through my blood.

All of my working life has been spent in London and it has enabled me to create a way of working that is both creative and realistic. I don’t believe that every dog is the same or will respond in a similar way which is why most of the way that I work is based on using play and building relationships between an owner and their dog.

Over the past ten years my work with dogs has led me to work with dogs from every field. From street dogs in India, to dangerous dogs in London to running youth offending projects alongside rescue dogs on behalf of the Dogs Trust. The mainstay of my working life is with companion dogs who are part of families and couple’s lives (some famous and some not) but the main thing that ties all of my clients and I together is the love for their dog.

My experience has shaped the way I work and helped create the classes and sessions that I provide for my clients. It is not one size fits all and it most certainly is not believing that all dogs are the same or will respond in a similar manner.

Through my work with puppies, rescue dogs and every dog in-between I have built up a wealth of hands on knowledge based on understanding where a behaviour comes from.

I cannot offer instant solutions or wave a magic wand but I will offer reassurance and work with your dog as if it were my own. I work with love, affection and honesty. If you take a look at the BBC2 shows I have been involved with, I think this shines through (10 Puppies and Us, Choose the right puppy, Six Puppies and Us)

I currently live in East London with my husband, 5yo son, 3yo daughter, rescue Great Dane, abandoned cat and second hand Tortoise. You can follow my work and home life adventures via @darlingdog @louiseglazebrook



One on one sessions


settling in session

Whether you are taking on a puppy or a rescue dog, this session is designed to get you moving in the right direction. A 1.5hr session where I will come to your home and go through everything you need to feel at ease and equipped with the knowledge you need to progress with your new addition. For a puppy I would recommend a session within a week of bringing your dog home. For a second hand dog, please email me directly as their settling period is slightly different to a puppy. These sessions are tailored around you and your dog and take place in your home. Please also feel free to write yourself a list of things you would like to cover for when I arrive! Whether you are a first time dog owner or a seasoned veteran these sessions can be incredibly productive and reassuring as every dog is so very different.

1.5hr session starts at £175

Parking permit or P&D will need to be covered as will the CC if you live in the zone.

puppy package

This package is for those who cannot attend a puppy class or who would prefer to have tailored sessions on a weekly basis. These sessions will be take place within your home, on the street and your local park working on the specifics you require - generally these are toilet training, lead walking, recall in the park, reducing distraction levels as well as commands and house manners.

This package consists of

  • 1 x 1.5hr settling in session in your home

  • 4 x 1hr sessions across 4 consecutive weeks

5.5hrs worth of sessions start at £700 (saving £75 if paying for each session separately)

one off session

This session is designed to help with certain issues that very often can be resolved within a (up to) 2hr period together, in your home or the park. The issues we can work on for this are very specific - such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, teaching a new command/s, toilet training, preparing your dog for your baby’s arrival and general manners.

Up to 2hr session start at £200 - £250 (location dependent)

behavioural package

These packages are totally tailored around your dog and the issues you would like to work on, to improve or change. There are no set packages for this but generally speaking we would be dealing with behaviours such as aggression towards dogs, reactivity, recall problems and fear or anxiety based behaviours.

The minimum time frame I would recommend (based on my experience with dogs behaving in these ways) would be an initial 2hr detailed session followed by at least 3 follow up sessions.

Please do email directly with bullet points on the areas you feel you need to work together on from which I can then create a tailored package for you.

Minimum package listed above starts at £600

happiness mot

It is true that dogs can become depressed, for many reasons or sometimes clients would just want to spend some time making sure that their dog is as happy as you can make them. I offer a 1.5hr session where we will go through your dog’s history, diet, play routine, motivations and daily schedule to see how we can improve, change or adapt their daily routines to make sure your dog is living their best life. I can also adapt this session if you would like to discuss end of life options and when to know if it is the right time to let go of your beloved. These sessions are suitable for dogs that are deaf and / or blind.

1.5hr home or work setting visit start at £180

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Classes & workshops


puppy classes

A fun and engaging way to spend your Sunday mornings in Shoreditch. My puppy classes are a 4 week course held in the large venue of the Queensbridge Primary School, just off of Hackney Rd. We are in walking distance of Columbia Rd,London Fields, Broadway Mkt and Dalston, surrounded by the best socialisation you can provide for your puppy. In the heart of London we work on the foundations that all pups need to learn, such as recall, handling skills, focus work alongside key commands such as leave, drop and much more. I’ve designed these classes after working with thousands of pups and rescue puppies, no course is exactly the same, the weekly plans will change according to the dogs we have in the class. We work within a venue that has central heating, bathroom facilities and a huge amount of room. We also have access to enclosed private outdoor space. The whole family can of course attend, including well behaved children. Time is allocated at the end of each class for Q&A as I understand how much can change in a week. Puppy Classes are held at Queensbridge Primary School on Queensbridge Rd, E8.

£190.00 for the full course.

Each puppy will be gifted a reward bag to start the class - containing treats, chews and discount codes from some of my favourite brands.

Fresh coffee, teas, water & biscuits available during each class.

2019 Puppy Class Dates:

September 8th course

8th/ 15th / 22nd / 29th

October 13th course

13th / 20th / 27th/ 3rd November

November 10th course

10th / 17th / 24th / 1st December

fun & games workshop

This class is ideal for dogs of any age and breed - as long as your dog loves to play and likes treats they will succeed! In this 1.5hr class we tailor the session to the dogs we have involved. It is designed to provide owners with ideas on how to play with, challenge and entertain their dog that goes outside just taking your dog for a walk. Each game will have different levels of complexity so whatever your dog can or cannot do, they will enjoy themselves whilst also building on your relationship together. This class does use food & toys of varying kinds so if your dog does have resource guarding or aggression issues, this would not be the class for them.

£75.00 for the 1.5hr session.

A maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Fresh coffee, sparkling and still water available during each class.

Play Class Dates 2019

February 3rd



focus & connect

This dog training and behaviour class was created after realising how many of the dogs I had been working with were struggling with paying attention, reacting or lacking focus. A 3 wk course that builds bonds, realigns each owner with their dog and helps teach your dog a new way of responding in certain situations. The most amazing thing is that it is all built on eye contact. Your dog will need to be food motivated in order to take part in these classes and they will be exhausted after each session. Each session is 1hr long and runs for 3 consecutive Sundays. This class is suitable for dogs with reactive tendencies. We cannot accept dogs that have bitten a human. We only accept up to 4 dogs per class.

£300.00 for the full course.

A maximum of 4 dogs per class.

Fresh coffee, tea and still water will be available during each class.

Focus & Connect Dates 2019

October Course 2019

13th / 20th / 27th

Loose lead

A class that does exactly as it says on the tin - teaches your dog no matter their size, how to walk well on the lead. A small class for up to 4 dogs at a time teaching the fundamental steps to achieving loose lead walking with your dog. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes, there is equipment that can assist you and we can discuss these options and suitability in class. This is a one off 1.5hr session and your dog will need to be food motivated to participate in this class. It is also a class where your dog will be working for the entire time and will be e tired upon leaving. Your dog also will need to be suitable to work around other dogs and humans. It is not suitable for aggressive or reactive dogs.

£100.00 for the 1.5hr session.

A maximum of 4 dogs per class.

Fresh coffee, sparkling and still water will be available during each class.

Loose Lead Class Dates 2019

November 10th 2019



Choosing the right dog



This is a phone call or face to face meeting to discuss your hopes and dreams of finding and welcoming a dog into your home. During this session we will look at your lifestyle, breed/s suitability, puppy vs. rescue, your expectations and where to begin with your search. This is an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you wish, to discuss your fears as well as how to accurately and wisely choose a family member. Its the only time you can do this, so it is worth the time, effort and labour put into making the right decisions.

1hr phone call £150.00 (fees may apply if you are doing an International transfer)

Face to face start at £200 if London based


This next stage is for those that have made their decision on the dog that they would ideally like to join their family. Whether you are looking for a companion to be a best friend to your child with special needs or are looking for a rescue dog who can come to work with you, there will be a dog out there for you. In my opinion, it is just about finding the right breeder, the right rescue and the right dog. I can assist you with this complicated stage of weeding out the unscrupulous breeders, the dogs that may appeal to you but perhaps aren’t quite right. I will be open and honest and help guide you to finding your new pal. This service is charged as a monthly retainer (4 wk cycles) you will be sent a weekly or daily update depending on the stage in the search we are at, with a weekly phone call to discuss options and if working with you on behalf of your child, video messages can be factored in on a weekly basis (I find these work well for children with sensory needs or who cannot read)

Monthly retainer starts at £500


If you are seeking out the ideal puppy then I will come with you to view breeders and hopefully select the right puppy from the litter for you and your family. If you are seeking out a rescue dog then I will assist you with viewing the prospective dog in foster or kennel care, looking at the history provided and checking that the dog is suitable for you whilst also picking up on any other factors that may need to be taken into consideration. At this stage, it is worth remembering that it can be extremely emotional and can feel like a huge amount of time has been invested to then walk away from a dog you are viewing. In my opinion, this is the last hurdle so putting the final pieces of the puzzle can be time consuming but hugely rewarding when you do get it right.

Prices will be charged as a half day or full day rate. Alternatively, there are remote options available which are charged by the hour.



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