My obsession with dogs began at 2yrs old. If you were to slice me in half you would see that I have dogs running (literally) through my blood.

All of my working life has been spent in London and it has enabled me to create a way of working that is both creative and realistic. I don’t believe that every dog is the same or will respond in a similar way which is why most of the way that I work is based on using play and building relationships between an owner and their dog.

Over the past ten years my work with dogs has led me to work with dogs from every field. From street dogs in India, to dangerous dogs in London to running youth offending projects alongside rescue dogs on behalf of the Dogs Trust. The mainstay of my working life is with companion dogs who are part of families and couple’s lives (some famous and some not) but the main thing that ties all of my clients and I together is the love for their dog.

My experience has shaped the way I work and helped create the classes and sessions that I provide for my clients. It is not one size fits all and it most certainly is not believing that all dogs are the same or will respond in a similar manner.

Through my work with puppies, rescue dogs and every dog in-between I have built up a wealth of hands on knowledge based on understanding where a behaviour comes from.

I cannot offer instant solutions or wave a magic wand but I will offer reassurance and work with your dog as if it were my own. I work with love, affection and honesty. If you take a look at the BBC2 shows I have been involved with, I think this shines through (10 Puppies and Us, Choose the right puppy, Six Puppies and Us)

I currently live in East London with my husband, 5yo son, 3yo daughter, rescue Great Dane, abandoned cat and second hand Tortoise. You can follow my work and home life adventures via @darlingdog @louiseglazebrook