This is a phone call or face to face meeting to discuss your hopes and dreams of finding and welcoming a dog into your home. During this session we will look at your lifestyle, breed/s suitability, puppy vs. rescue, your expectations and where to begin with your search. This is an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you wish, to discuss your fears as well as how to accurately and wisely choose a family member. Its the only time you can do this, so it is worth the time, effort and labour put into making the right decisions.

1hr phone call £150.00 (fees may apply if you are doing an International transfer)

Face to face start at £200 if London based


This next stage is for those that have made their decision on the dog that they would ideally like to join their family. Whether you are looking for a companion to be a best friend to your child with special needs or are looking for a rescue dog who can come to work with you, there will be a dog out there for you. In my opinion, it is just about finding the right breeder, the right rescue and the right dog. I can assist you with this complicated stage of weeding out the unscrupulous breeders, the dogs that may appeal to you but perhaps aren’t quite right. I will be open and honest and help guide you to finding your new pal. This service is charged as a monthly retainer (4 wk cycles) you will be sent a weekly or daily update depending on the stage in the search we are at, with a weekly phone call to discuss options and if working with you on behalf of your child, video messages can be factored in on a weekly basis (I find these work well for children with sensory needs or who cannot read)

Monthly retainer starts at £500


If you are seeking out the ideal puppy then I will come with you to view breeders and hopefully select the right puppy from the litter for you and your family. If you are seeking out a rescue dog then I will assist you with viewing the prospective dog in foster or kennel care, looking at the history provided and checking that the dog is suitable for you whilst also picking up on any other factors that may need to be taken into consideration. At this stage, it is worth remembering that it can be extremely emotional and can feel like a huge amount of time has been invested to then walk away from a dog you are viewing. In my opinion, this is the last hurdle so putting the final pieces of the puzzle can be time consuming but hugely rewarding when you do get it right.

Prices will be charged as a half day or full day rate. Alternatively, there are remote options available which are charged by the hour.